The Network Agreement

On June 26th, 2012 the Confucius Institute, the Regional Education Office of Piedmont and Piedmont schools of all levels and grade signed the Piedmont Region Schools Network Agreement. The Network Agreement, a pilot project in Italy, aims to creating a multilingual school program for teaching Chinese language and culture throughout Piedmont territory.

School Deans, Confucius Institute and Regional Education Office of Piedmont meet up at least twice a year to discuss the implementation of the activities in the schools and plan new ones according to the schools specific needs.

Chinese language and culture courses are completed by cultural activities such as calligraphy, music, papercut and kite making workshops, as well as conferences on Chinese culture, and recreational activities for the youngest students.

Here follows the list of the Schools which joined the Piedmont Region Schools Network Agreement

Liceo Statale Carlo Botta (Ivrea)
Liceo Classico C.Cavour (Torino)
IIS C.I. Giulio (Torino)
Liceo Scientifico e Classico Statale Peano-Pellico (Cuneo)
Liceo Ginnasio Porporato (Pinerolo, TO)
Istituto Magistrale Regina Margherita (Torino)
I.C. Regio Parco (Torino)
Scuola Internazionale Europea Statale A.Spinelli (Torino)
I.C. Niccolò Tommaseo (Torino)
Convitto Nazionale Umberto I (Torino)
Liceo Valdese di Torre Pellice (Torre Pellice, TO)
Liceo Charles Darwin (Rivoli, TO)
Istituto Maria Ausiliatrice (Torino)
Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Sommellier (Torino)
IIS Europa Unita (Chivasso, TO)
IIS Balbo (Casale Monferrato, TO)


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