Do you need to practice Chinese, but don’t have the right instruments?

Since a few years, the Confucius Institute of Turin offers a very effective e-learning service, which includes practice exercises of three difficulty levels.

Level 1 is suitable for students who are familiar with Chinese grammar at a basic level, and master about 6-800 characters. Therefore, it caters to second year University students, or users who obtained HSK3 certification or are studying for HSK3 exam.

Level 2 is an intermediate level suitable for third year University students, or users who obtained HSK4 certification or are studying for HSK4 exam.

Level 3 is suitable for advanced level students, Master degree students or users with HSK 5-6 level.

For each level, the e-learning exercises include listening and comprehension, reading and comprehension, Chinese-Italian translation. The offer also includes one Italian-Chinese translation exercise, especially tailored on the needs of first year students, which includes two translations of the same text: the first one especially emphasizes the basic grammar rules, while the second one, highlighted in a different colour, shows the phrasings used by mother tongue Chinese speakers.

Each month a set of new exercises is published, but users who missed some contents can always consult the online archive. The topics vary continuously, allowing the acquisition of a rich vocabulary, ranging from from literature to art and culture, from current events to newspapers contents and HSK exams; each type of content matches with the relevant icon.

To access the e-learning section, users just need to register by filling the form on our website homepage, and follow the instructions.

Google Chrome recommended.

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