Confucius Classrooms

Confucius Classrooms are established in middle and high schools that cooperate with the Confucius Institutes as centers focused on learning Chinese language and culture. At present there are 650 Confucius Classrooms in the world, of which 153 in Europe and 20 in Italy.

Under the supervision of the Confucius Institutes and with the support of Hanban, Confucius Classrooms realize educational and cultural activities aiming to develop Chinese language teaching and learning, as well as creating opportunities of cultural exchange between Italy and China.

Besides Chinese language courses, Confucius Classrooms arrange Chinese language teachers training programs and exams for international Chinese language certifications; they also offer in consultation various materials relevant to Chinese language and culture.

In November 2013, in the presence of a delegation from East China Normal University, partner University of the Confucius Institute of the University of Turin, the Confucius Classrooms of Genoa Grazia Deledda International High School and Ivrea Carlo Botta High School were officially inaugurated.


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